Fast Track Recruitment

The golden key to getting your sales emails read


Want to know how to get more of your sales emails read?


Compliment the recipient in the opening sentence.

This should also help you decide what you need to put in the subject line.

But, to do this, you need to do some research first.

Not quite so easy.


I’m still looking for a Salesperson


Sales Executive
South London
c£35,000 basic + £15-20k commission

You’re not really sure what you’re doing, are you?

It’s probably lunchtime on another dreary day at work or maybe it’s Sunday, Antiques Roadshow has just come on and you’re thinking about the Monday slog. No direction, no enthusiasm.

It’s not that you haven’t got ambition. Hell, you’re burning with ambition and itching to get the returns and respect you know you can.

You can work…

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I had a dream


It was last night actually.

And it was bizarre and horrible – like those dreams we’ve all had at least once where we find ourselves naked in a crowded street.

In this dream I’d been forced to teach a room full of agency recruiters how to get better at doing business on contingency.

One of the recruiters asked; “What do I say when a potential client asks why they should work with me?”

Me; “Err, I don’t know. Let me get back to you on that one.”

Then another…

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