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When is this flogged horse going to die?

Cold-call hiring companies..

Get jobs..

Fill 1 in 5 of them..

Keep in touch with the clients whose jobs you did fill..

Get more jobs from those clients..

Fill 1 in 5 of those jobs too..

Get fewer jobs from those clients..

Cold-call hiring companies..

Get jobs..


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“Recruitment is a sales job”


This is a fairly consistent opinion of most agency recruiters and is, for the most part, only partly true.

Unfortunately, most buyers of recruitment agency services wish it wasn’t true at all.

That’s not because these buyers don’t like being sold to – many of them do, because buying the right stuff is part of their job and one of the ways they add value to their employer.

It’s because they don’t like being sold to badly.

So, when it comes to recruitment, what does selling…

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Why are you always so negative about stuff?


I get asked this question from time to time and I have two standard responses to it.

The first is “I’m not” and the second is “Fuck off”.

Today I’d like to expand upon the first response.

I’m often perceived as being someone who hates the recruitment industry – and agencies in particular.

That perception is, I believe, caused by the fact that I quite often criticise the agency part of the industry, its practises and what I perceive to be its delusions of…

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