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The Big Biller Summit

You can find out more about The Big Biller Summit here.

For those of you who don’t want to listen to it all (or worse, pay for it), here’s a condensed version, kindly presented by Alex Brock via Twitter.

My response is an added bonus. Like those extras you get on DVDs, only worse.

I’m not a fan of The Big…

Read more about The Big Biller Summit

I’ve got your social media strategy, right here.

Just saw an ad for a someone to work in “social strategy”.

Here’s all the social strategy anyone needs:

1. Learn how to write properly.
2. Be interesting.
3. Be amusing.

The 3rd one isn’t mandatory.

I reckon I’d make a brilliant social media strategist.

It’s Friday, right?

Have you ever noticed how the people that are always posting about how “passionate” they are about their work, tend to be the same people that post “Thank God it’s Friday!!”?

Yeah, me too.

I’d like to see a little consistency here.

I’d like them to start posting “Thank God it’s Monday!!”.

Preferably at about 6 am on a Monday.


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