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Bad News


The most common gripe candidates have with recruiters is that they don’t get back to them.

Generally that means either being called by a recruiter about a potential new role and then hearing nothing, not getting a response to a job application or not getting any feedback after an interview.

But, in my experience, the single most common way a candidate lets a recruiter know that they’re not interested in a previously discussed job, is to not return phone…

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What is the REAL problem with recruitment?


It would seem that recruiters are disliked. Even internal recruiters.

How much they’re disliked will probably depend on the part of the market they work.

For example, IT recruiters are far more disliked than executive search consultants. The latter go into things in a lot more detail and tend to be more commercially mature, whereas the former are, for the most part simply spot-traders of CVs and keywords.

How much recruiters are disliked will also…

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How do you spot a recruitment consultant who can’t sell?


Answer: They start all their job postings or status updates with “I am really interested in speaking with…”

If they do know how to sell a job, then the only logical reason they would use an opening like this is because they’ve got nothing to sell.

Having nothing to sell is also known as ‘I haven’t taken a proper brief and have been fobbed-off with a job spec’.

Hiring Managers, did you know this is how your agencies are attracting candidates for you to…

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