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Delivery Consultant - Midlands


Delivery Consultant – Data Science Talent – Midlands (partly home-based) – £30-40K base plus commission

A lot of recruitment agencies are borne of recruiters who think they can do better themselves.

But ‘better’ doesn’t always mean different. In a lot of cases, it doesn’t even mean better. They mostly just do what their bosses taught them.

They never really developed themselves. So how can they develop you? If you can’t develop, how can…

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+++ Recruiter Health Warning +++


Around 7-8 years ago, which was when I first started talking about how retained recruitment was the way forward for proper recruiters, most people thought I was an idiot.

Now, retained recruitment seems to be becoming more mainstream. So much so, that people who’ve never sold a retainer or worked a retained assignment are now advising recruiters how to do it. Part of that advice includes the recruiter only charging the client £500 as the retained portion of…

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Recruiter Headspace


We’ve all accidentally wandered into a hippy shop at some point in our lives.

You know the ones. They’re usually called Xanadu or Dharmic Phayze and sell crystals, dream catchers and Guatemalan knitwear. When the fog of patchouli-scented joss sticks clears you can see a bearded chap eating a tofu and quinoa salad from a thumb pot. The warm, sweet air is filled with ‘The Magical Sounds of Mating Wales Volume III’.

This is the kind of person who…

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