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The Secrets to Business Blogging Success

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Defining what constitutes what makes a business blog successful can probably vary, depending on who you ask.

I think one measure of success is if it ever makes the phone ring. Another (and perhaps better) measure of success is if any of those phone calls end up in business being done.

Let’s go with either of those.

Here’s the Holy Grail of blogging insight you need to know, if you’re thinking of starting a business blog:

1. Write interesting content.…

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“As the economy improves, the war for talent is heating up”

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That title is an amalgam of loads of articles I see posted online.

The obvious conclusion being that as confidence grows and companies try to increase their staff numbers, recruitment agencies will become busy again.

But, busy doing what?

For the majority of agencies this means being busy only filling 1 in 5 of the jobs they work on. Or to put it another way, disappointing 80% of the companies they engage with.

Only now, that 80% will represent a larger…

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Agency owners, consider this..

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If you’re an agency owner or director, one of the many benefits of moving some of your better clients to the retained model is that those clients will have built a relationship with your agency, your resources and your process.

And not the personality of the individual recruiter.

That becomes especially useful when that individual recruiter leaves and sets up on their own.

Then they’ll only be able to steal your other clients.

The clients that prefer…

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