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You’re not ready for a job this big.



You lead a small team of salespeople, you’re doing well, hitting your targets and earning good money. But you’re not ready for a job this big.

Your approach to sales is forensic, analysing data from CRMs like MS Dynamics or Salesforce, understanding buyers’ motivations and individual team members’ metrics. But, still, you’re not ready for a job this big.

In time you’d like to earn twice what…

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Marketing Manager


The best feeling in the world? Stopping the petrol pump on a round number.

Marketing is about feelings.

Making people feel good about their choices, or uncomfortable with their previous one. Catch someone in the right mood and you have a customer, an advocate, a fan.

Filling up your car with fuel is one of those moments.

No phone, no screen to look at, nothing to distract. Just the emotional high of hitting £50 bang-on, then the crushing low of…

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A shout-out to sales recruiters



I’m about to start a campaign for a client to hire 12 people over the next 6 months.

The most critical of those new hires is a Sales Manager.

It’s based in central London, pays somewhere between £50-75K as a base salary with another £25K in override bonuses in the first year. By year three, this will be a Sales Director role in a company twice the size it is now, paying around £150K.

The kind of background we’re looking for this person to have…

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