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How to deal with clients who try to lowball you.


Hiring companies are always trying to lowball agency recruiters.

I think it’s because they think we just hit F5 on our computer to pull up a list of suitable candidates.

Next time a client (sorry, a prospective client) asks why your fees are so high, tell them; “Because it’s a shitty job. If you don’t believe me, try it.”

If they then ask why you do it, tell them; “Because I have a high pain threshold.”

Then, if you’re both still talking, offer them…

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You’re cheap for a reason.


All those people claiming to “revolutionise recruitment” seems to be doing so by offering a cheap service.

Whether it be a job board, a flat-fee service or just a recruitment agency charging less than 12% per placement – all of them seem to be admitting that the game’s up and that they’re finally charging fees that are consistent with a service that’s still mostly about throwing lots of CVs at lots of random jobs.

Or advertising lots of random jobs –…

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Choose a life. Choose a job. Choose recruitment. Choose an agency where success is defined by what car you drive. Choose contingency. Choose 20% delivery rates and commission that’s as up and down as a fiddler’s elbow. Choose hackneyed bollocks and having to sound like a telesales admin monkey. Choose clients that pretend to like you and candidates that don’t give a shit. Choose churn and burn, speculative CVs and hiding from everyone that chases you for…

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