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How to produce great recruitment adverts by tomorrow


Nearly all of you are rubbish at writing job ads.

Nearly all of you claim to be able to find candidates that other people can’t – and by “other people” I assume you mean other recruiters, hiring managers and HR – but your job job ads give you away.

That’s because nearly all of these ads consist of nothing more than “What we want” and “You must have” statements. Those aren’t job advertisements, those are job announcements.

The difference between the two is…

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Employer Branding - the great lost opportunity


I used to be a big advocate of the concept of Employer Branding, as far back as 2003 when I was first introduced to the subject.

I became a fan because I’d always believed in the power of creative advertising in recruitment. I still do.

But when Employer Branding became ‘a thing’, I was genuinely excited that recruitment would maybe be taken under the wing of marketing.

I was encouraged that the type of communication necessary to attract the right types…

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It’s the awards season!


I’m not a big fan of recruitment awards, despite knowing and liking a couple of people who run very popular annual recruitment award functions.

Guys, if you’re reading this, nothing personal.

First off, they’re not real awards because the recruitment agencies self-nominate. Real awards are bestowed, not asked for.

Plus, if any recruitment agency were that good, wouldn’t their merit be self-evident? The Internet would be full of creative, well-written job…

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