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Staff retention is in a good place


I think the best and biggest single contributor to staff retention has to be the current recruitment system.

And by recruitment system, I mean things like job boards, email job alerts, job ads, LinkedIn and Applicant Tracking Systems.

I also mean things like specialist software recruiters who 4 months ago were selling cosmetics from a department store, HR people who hide behind PSLs and line managers who hate interviewing and think they’re doing you a…

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What does a Purple Squirrel really look like?


In case you don’t know, here’s a reasonable definition of the term “Purple Squirrel”, according to

“For all practical purposes, there is no such thing as a “Purple Squirrel”; not in nature and not in the job market. It is a metaphor used by recruiters to identify the unrealistic expectations of a client company. The happy exception is when a perfect candidate, with exactly the right qualifications and experience, is actually found for a job…

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I’m looking for a Big Recruiter



Business Development is boss.

You know why.

It’s because it’s not easy and most people don’t want to do it.

You also know that it’s the most important part of the recruitment stakeholder triangle – because candidates aren’t the ones paying any money.

So you do business development well and reap the rewards. It’s like going the gym. The lazy make their excuses not to do it and get fat. You get stuck in…

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