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Don’t terrorists go on holiday too?


These days, flying to anywhere is rarely a pleasurable experience at the best of times, but getting on a plane since the security services realised that shampoo and hair gel pose significant terrorist risks has just made it unbearable.

So here’s what happens a few years back, on a trip to Geneva.

I arrive at the security check area and am asked if I have any liquids and toiletries in my hand luggage.

“Of course I do. What, do I look like a tramp?” I reply,…

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Sales Manager - Outdoor Advertising


What are you holding in your hand?

If it’s not the TV remote, steering wheel, a computer mouse, a fork or a mobile phone then you’re either asleep or dead.

Unless, and this is the really great bit, unless you are filling your car with fuel. That precious three-minute slot in life when you are relaxed, passive and open to suggestion. Three minutes of undivided attention when my client puts…

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Marketing Manager


The best feeling in the world? Stopping the petrol pump on a round number.

Marketing is about feelings.

Making people feel good about their choices, or uncomfortable with their previous one. Catch someone in the right mood and you have a customer, an advocate, a fan.

Filling up your car with fuel is one of those moments.

No phone, no screen to look at, nothing to distract. Just the emotional high of hitting £50 bang-on, then the crushing low of…

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