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We’ve all accidentally wandered into a hippy shop at some point in our lives.

You know the ones. They’re usually called Xanadu or Dharmic Phayze and sell crystals, dream catchers and Guatemalan knitwear. When the fog of patchouli-scented joss sticks clears you can see a bearded chap eating a tofu and quinoa salad from a thumb pot. The warm, sweet air is filled with ‘The Magical Sounds of Mating Wales Volume III’.

This is the kind of person who…

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When are the clients going to start taking some blame?


In the early days of my social media career, a lot of agency recruiters used to label me a “recruiter basher”, mostly because I used to promote the idea that companies should do whatever they could to bring their recruitment inhouse.

Given the amount of recruiter bashing that’s been going on over at LinkedIn these past few years – nearly all of which has been from candidates by the way – my criticisms of the 3rd party sector looks positively anaemic.


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England, my England…


I stopped watching England play football 2 years ago.

The Iceland Incident was the final straw for me. It’s not that I hadn’t seen England bottle it in big games before – it’s just that the Iceland game bore witness to a level of mindfuckingly gargantuan incompetence that took me by surprise. It was so bad, I didn’t even shout at the telly.

I’d been watching England play football as far back as the 1970 World Cup. That was the World Cup won by what…

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