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The phrase “top talent” is meaningless bullshit


I wish our industry would stop using the phrase “top talent” in their content marketing.

I think for most agencies, using it raises the expectation bar to a height that can’t be met.

It’s ironic because “top talent” isn’t what most companies are looking for – and if they are, that’s probably the reason their recruitment processes take 6 months to complete.

Yet the recruitment industry seems intent on laying a claim (and a dubious one at that) to a pain…

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Dating your cousins


The polarisation we’re increasingly seeing in politics (Trump, Brexit, etc..) has been happening in the world of recruitment for years.

The democratisation of people data and the scrutiny of their social media feeds has meant that the criteria a candidate has to meet to be considered for a job has become increasingly narrower.

Not only has the agency corner of the recruitment market gradually become more niche in the types of candidates they serve, but so…

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Delivery Consultant - Midlands


Delivery Consultant – Data Science Talent – Midlands (partly home-based) – £30-40K base plus commission

A lot of recruitment agencies are borne of recruiters who think they can do better themselves.

But ‘better’ doesn’t always mean different. In a lot of cases, it doesn’t even mean better. They mostly just do what their bosses taught them.

They never really developed themselves. So how can they develop you? If you can’t develop, how can…

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