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A shout-out to sales recruiters



I’m about to start a campaign for a client to hire 12 people over the next 6 months.

The most critical of those new hires is a Sales Manager.

It’s based in central London, pays somewhere between £50-75K as a base salary with another £25K in override bonuses in the first year. By year three, this will be a Sales Director role in a company twice the size it is now, paying around £150K.

The kind of background we’re looking for this person to have…

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Staff retention is in a good place


I think the best and biggest single contributor to staff retention has to be the current recruitment system.

And by recruitment system, I mean things like job boards, email job alerts, job ads, LinkedIn and Applicant Tracking Systems.

I also mean things like specialist software recruiters who 4 months ago were selling cosmetics from a department store, HR people who hide behind PSLs and line managers who hate interviewing and think they’re doing you a…

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What does a Purple Squirrel really look like?


In case you don’t know, here’s a reasonable definition of the term “Purple Squirrel”, according to

“For all practical purposes, there is no such thing as a “Purple Squirrel”; not in nature and not in the job market. It is a metaphor used by recruiters to identify the unrealistic expectations of a client company. The happy exception is when a perfect candidate, with exactly the right qualifications and experience, is actually found for a job…

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