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Nicely Packaged Empty Boxes


Above is a job advert for a salesperson.

I won’t beat about the bush; it’s not a very good advert, despite it trying quite hard to be a good advert.

It’s trying too hard with the packaging (it looks nice) and not hard enough with the content (it’s saying nothing).

The headlines are weak. £20K for a salesperson who “can lead business conversations with senior decision makers”? Are you sure about this? I’ve never met a salesperson earning that…

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Hyperbole or Pedantry?


I hate it when marketers use the phrase “the future is now”. The future isn’t now, it’s tomorrow. Now is today.

What they’re really saying is “Here’s our new product, ahead of schedule”. Although what they’re probably trying to say is “Hey look, we’re really cutting-edge and smart”, which they rarely are.

Nobody cares if it’s ahead of schedule, or believe that it’s innovative. All people care about is if it can improve their life in some way.

I think…

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Bandwagon, jumped.


Just heard that Terry Pratchett has died.

I’ve never read any of his books and won’t be anytime soon, as I don’t like science fiction. Gritty realism is more my thing.

But from everything I’ve heard about him, especially since he was diagnosed with Alzheimers, he sounds like he was a really decent bloke.

In fact, I only found out he died through someone on Twitter posting a quote from him.

It’s a great quote. Here it is..


I suspect this…

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