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Life Changers


The next recruiter that tells me they love their job because “they have the power to change peoples lives” is going to get introduced to the business end of my shoe.

If you’re one of those recruiters that actually believes this, allow me to give you a lift back to planet Earth.

You’re not a Social Worker.

You’re not a Life Coach.

You’re not a Career Counsellor.

You’re not some Archangel of Altruism either.

You don’t change people’s lives. You…

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Enough with the sanctimonious bullshit


Ever since LinkedIn facilitated the uploading of images, it seems like it’s getting overrun with inspirational messages posted and ‘liked’ by what I can only assume are people desperate to create some kind of goal-post for their sad, empty, pot noodle-eating lives.

Many of them seem to fetishise rich people like Richard Branson or Warren Buffet. Which is ironic because I’ll bet you a pound to a bucket of pigshit that neither of those two ever sat around…

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Should recruitment agencies be bothered about the candidate experience?


Depending on what statistics you read, some 55% of applicants believe the standard of recruitment practice has declined.

I’m surprised it’s that low.

Creating a good candidate experience has become the latest trend in recruitment – there’s even an awards function dedicated to it. Or in other words, recruiters finding yet another excuse to dress-up and pat themselves on the back for not pissing-off as many people as their competitors.

The rationale…

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