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Does honesty really pay?

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I recently read a blog on LinkedIn by a young recruiter called Jeremy Pierce, who by the way, I need to add to my list of favourite UK recruitment bloggers.

His blog bemoans the state of recruitment advertising – in particular, how honest most recruitment ads are. Or rather, aren’t.

A few months back I ran what could be described as an honest recruitment ad. Some may say brutally honest.

I did it to see what would happen. Before I tell you what did…

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What does the future for recruitment agencies look like?

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Ever since the Internet came along, people have been questioning if, or how, recruitment agencies would cope with the new democratisation of candidate data the Internet ushered in.

The recruitment agency market has coped. They’ve coped largely through:

1. Becoming more niche

2. Companies still remaining relatively ignorant about how to hire staff

The job boards loading their pricing in the agencies favour also helped.

So recruitment agencies have…

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The Problem With PSLs

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I recently saw a recruitment coordinator ask for recommendations of good sales recruitment agencies.

Apparently they were “overhauling their recruitment” and figured that replacing some of the recruitment agencies on their PSL was going to help them achieve this.

Those agencies being replaced presumably have proven themselves to be useless.

Or they’ve proved themselves to not be interested in submitting decent candidates into a portal, most of which…

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