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I’m looking for a Big Recruiter



Business Development is boss.

You know why.

It’s because it’s not easy and most people don’t want to do it.

You also know that it’s the most important part of the recruitment stakeholder triangle – because candidates aren’t the ones paying any money.

So you do business development well and reap the rewards. It’s like going the gym. The lazy make their excuses not to do it and get fat. You get stuck in…

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Quick tip for hiring managers


Choosing a recruitment agency for most hiring managers is a task they take to with the same enthusiasm the rest of us have for calling Vodafone’s customer service.

Most take refuge in agency claims to being specialists in whatever job it is they need to fill.

Because that is what they want to hear.

That a specialist is going to know what to do.

Because most hiring managers hate dealing with anything recruitment related.

Being a specialist is not…

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Concerned that robots might be able to do your job? Don’t be.


Today I read an article on LinkedIn that talks about how Artificial Intelligence could displace the need for recruiters.

There’s no need to read it. It’s really long and basically just says that by 2036 robots could have replaced human recruiters.

Great. Bring it on.

I’m looking forward to the day when robots will be doing our jobs.

Obviously, robots don’t need salaries, which means that we can muck about at home all day on full pay.

That is how this…

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