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The Problem With Talent Communities

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What do these 3 things have in common?

1. The Sony Betamax

2. The DeLorean car

3. Talent Communities

Answer: They all sound great in theory.

Which of these 3 things is the odd one out?

1. The Sony Betamax

2. The DeLorean car

3. Talent Communities

Answer: Talent Communities. The other 2 actually existed.

I like the theory of Talent Communities, which for the uninformed is described on Wikipedia as:

“A network of candidates, employees,…

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Isn’t it ironic?

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It’s kind of funny that recruiters are considered to be too salesy.

I suspect what people mean when they describe agency recruiters this way is that they act like salespeople. That they display all of the hackneyed stereotypes that are associated with salespeople – or more accurately, bad salespeople.

Great salespeople don’t display these characteristics – because of the very fact that they are great salespeople. The chances are they’re great because…

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The Problem With Passive Candidates

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I’m beginning to hate the term ‘passive candidates’.

It’s disingenuous. It belies what this type of person actually is.

Most people in the recruitment world think a passive candidate is superior to an active candidate because they’re in a job, relatively stable and not actively looking.

The assumption being that they must be good at what they do – either because they’re happy doing their job or that they’re still employed; unlike many…

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