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I’d like to help get this person a job

Her name is Deborah Hodge and she took a break whilst tending to her sick child. She also took some of that time to launch a new career as an artist and writer – and pulled a few stunts to help publicise this which got her some attention in the mainstream media.

I think a sales role would suit her; after all she was able to blag her way onto This Morning and hold her ground with Philip Schofield.

What she discovered quickly was that controversy sells and she…

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Are you this salesperson?


1. Get the best of both worlds

You’re a great account manager.

You’re smart and intuitive – a good reader of people and situations. You’re diligent, well organised, commercially astute and know what a sales process is.

In fact, you’re exactly what I need, so you’ll forgive me if I get straight to the point and tell you why this might be your ideal career move.

You’d be part…

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The truth about bullshit

There’s a difference between a liar and a bullshitter.

A liar has at least a basic regard for the truth insomuch as he wants to conceal it, whereas a bullshitter doesn’t care what the truth is.

The bullshitter only cares about perpetuating something that will help get what he wants and that fits with either his political or economic agenda.

Bullshit is more insidious than lies.

I recently saw a webpage from someone claiming to be an expert in…

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