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How do you spot a recruitment consultant who can’t sell?


Answer: They start all their job postings or status updates with “I am really interested in speaking with…”

If they do know how to sell a job, then the only logical reason they would use an opening like this is because they’ve got nothing to sell.

Having nothing to sell is also known as ‘I haven’t taken a proper brief and have been fobbed-off with a job spec’.

Hiring Managers, did you know this is how your agencies are attracting candidates for you to interview? That they’re…

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This is a job advertisement


This is one of those old-fashioned job adverts you used to see years ago. The type of sales manager job advert that actually wants someone who can actually manage people.

Manage. You know. Get people to do stuff. Willingly.

If you know someone who, if asked “What are the the 5 basic leadership styles?”, would know without googling it, please share this advert with them.



100K basic, 150K package
Central London
Digital Media

This high achieving,…

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