Fast Track Recruitment

Old fashioned recruitment


In some ways the recruiting industry is quite quaint.

Dickensian even.

Especially in the way it likes to get children to do work that really ought to be done by grown-ups.

I’m looking for a Salesperson


Sales Executive
South London
c£35,000 basic + £15-20k commission

Selling isn’t easy.

It takes stamina, courage and a positive mindset. Even those who are well known for their naturally sunny outlook struggle to maintain it day-in, day-out.

But you’re a natural. You’re unflappable, driven, keen to work with city clients and able to build a book of contacts that will deliver results for this business and build a long-term career for you.

I recruit the most…

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Fuck the recruitment industry


This is the sentiment that pretty much sums up the current state of my industry, if my recent LinkedIn feed is anything to go by.

People, it seems, are not happy with recruitment agencies.

People (who sometimes also go by the name of “candidates”) are complaining that they don’t get phone calls returned.

Companies are moaning about being sent speculative anonymous CVs.

And Software Developers are doing what they always do – crying like babies every time they get an email…

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