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Here’s one thing about recruiting that does my head in.


I’m going to try to get through this blog entry without a) being long-winded and b) swearing.

One of the things about recruitment that can make it so compelling is its unpredictability. This is especially true for younger agency recruiters – but this unpredictability tends to become less attractive the older and smarter they get.

It doesn’t matter how good you get at recruiting – there are just so many variables (i.e. human beings) that when things sometimes (and inevitably)…

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It’s just the Internet, not ball cancer.


On social media I can be a number of things.

I’m occasionally cynical, often sarcastic and sometimes a bit of a monomaniac.

I say what I think and I’m rarely intentionally rude, unless I’m talking about very large corporates, which I generally hate. If a very large corporate asked me to recruit for them, there’s a reasonable chance I’d tell them I’d rather stick needles in my eyes.

I’m active in a lot of discussions about recruitment; an industry I’ve dedicated 26…

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Has there ever been a worse opening to a job ad than this?


You often see it on LinkedIn. I think it’s the automated standard message their job posting aggregator generates. It looks like this;

“I’m currently recruiting for this position. Please click on the job title below to view the Job Description and apply to it!”

Where’s the hook? The attention grabber? The reason why someone might want to click the link?

Is letting them know they’re going to be reading a job description really going to help? Who wants to read a job description?…

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