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This is another of those fatuous motivational memes you see on LinkedIn about every 3 minutes. The thinking being presented here is that if you think big or believe you can do something, you’ll succeed.

That you’ll roar rather than miaow.

The real-world problem here is that attitude makes a big difference only until the other person realises that you really are just a pussycat.

They tend to realise that when the fighting starts.

Or when they open their eyes.


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Who cares about candidates?


I think the formalisation of the concept of ‘Candidate Experience’ is now just another of those ‘emperors new clothes’ things that pop-up from time to time.

It’s something I used to think made sense for hiring companies and recruiters to care about – and at its rudimentary level it still does make sense.

The problem is, now it’s been hijacked by marketers desperate to find a new garden to piss in.

The only people with the inclination and the money to buy into Candidate…

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A place where reality doesn’t bite


A few weeks ago I was having lunch with someone I’d connected with via LinkedIn and who isn’t in the recruitment industry. During lunch he asked me this:

“Mitch, if most of the people that read your stuff are recruiters, how do you get away with saying things like 70% of them are useless?”

Despite never having been asked that question before, my answer was swift and unequivocal:

“Because every recruiter thinks they’re in the 30%.”

It is this unswerving optimism, and in some…

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