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Shooting fish in an ocean. The trouble with the recruitment system.

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I think recruitment, on both sides of the house (agency and internal), could become a lot more interesting (not to mention effective) if companies just took one critical decision.

That decision would be to take half the money they spend on recruiting and invest it instead in training.

Specifically, in training talented and motivated people how to do those jobs the company had previously been obsessed by trying to find the mythical “perfect candidate” for.

Then maybe it would…

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A Magna Carta for the Internet

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I saw in the news today that Tim Berners-Lee has called for a kind of “online bill of rights”.

It’s an interesting idea. It’s also interesting that people say they’re concerned about Internet privacy whilst sleepwalking into the arms of Google and Facebook.

I think we’ve all probably got our little pet-peeves about dealing with people online.

One of mine is people who uses “loose” instead of “lose”. In my magna carta, I’d decree that all those people have to spend a day or…

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Five words that all recruiters should stop using in their job ads

These five words are:






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