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I currently have 3 training courses available - all for agency recruiters and one for agency and inhouse recruiters.

Agency Recruiters


This is a niche training programme that’s especially suitable for agency recruiters who are starting to realise how circular contingency recruitment actually is and who no longer want to be locked into a cycle of only filling around 20% of the jobs they work on and always having to look for new clients.

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Copywriting for Recruiters


How to write compelling job ads - A practical course for ambitious recruiters who want to stand out from the rest.

Just because almost every job ad you’ve ever seen is written a certain way doesn’t mean that’s the way it should be done.

How do you make your job ads stand out from the rest, so that your target candidate audience wants to read them?

Knowing how to craft better job ads helps you reach more passive candidates, attract the right responses and filter out (some of) the time-wasters. A good ad helps you fill roles faster and more effectively.

Recruiter, Mitch Sullivan and Copywriter, Jackie Barrie will work with you to unpick real ads you’ve written and put them back together in a more effective way.

One delegate raised their click-to-apply ratio into double figures, with many more applicants shortlisted. Another said she’d tripled her ad engagement. See some of the testimonials below.

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Retained Recruitment Workshop


An introduction to the changing relationship between contingency and retained recruitment.

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