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How do you spot a recruitment consultant who can’t sell?

Posted by Mitch on 20th August 2015


Answer: They start all their job postings or status updates with “I am really interested in speaking with…”

If they do know how to sell a job, then the only logical reason they would use an opening like this is because they’ve got nothing to sell.

Having nothing to sell is also known as ‘I haven’t taken a proper brief and have been fobbed-off with a job spec’.

Hiring Managers, did you know this is how your agencies are attracting candidates for you to interview? That they’re addressing their needs, not those of the candidate?

And, if they’re this bad in writing, how much better do you think they’re going to be when they make “headhunt calls” for you?


But true.

When you have several agencies all doing horrible things to the same vacancy, it’s called ‘a clusterfuck’.

How many clusterfucks have you been part of?

That last question is rhetorical.


By Mike on Tuesday, 05 January 2016

Hi Mitch, I agree witht the sentiment here, it’s appalling some of the things you see posted. Minor correction though: one is bad ‘‘at’’ writing, not ‘‘in’’ writing!

By Mitch on Tuesday, 05 January 2016

Thanks Mike, but I’m going to stick with “in writing”.

“..if they’re this bad (at selling) in writing, how much better do you think they’re going to be when they..”

By Mark Pearce on Wednesday, 06 January 2016

Spot on Mitch. I’m unsure where you’re based but in Australia, I don’t know many consultants that know how to sell an opportunity, preferring to just email a candidate with a job brief.

I wrote an article on it and your post has just reminded me to upload it to my site.

Thanks for sharing and the reminder! Best wishes


By Mitch on Thursday, 07 January 2016

Thanks Mark.  I’m based in the UK, or Pom Land as I think you guys refer to it :)

Would love to read your article. Could you let me have the link when it’s up?


By Marcus Cauchi on Thursday, 07 January 2016

Mitch, 98% of people with “salesperson” in their job title can’t sell and recruiters are among the worst. Most are at best, glorified order takers and at worst, brand saboteurs or clowns with expense accounts.

I know we take a pop at the consultants, but the real problem starts with the owners and the managers of these recruiters who hired them, trained them, encourage them and tolerate their appalling behaviour through how they manage and how they pay.

Cracking article as ever ...

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