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I’ve got your SEO right here..


This is a job ad.

More specifically, it’s a job ad for a Business Development Manager written to be as SEO friendly as possible.

Business Development Manager
Business Services

Are you a Business Development Manager who would like to work for a successful company managing and developing new business?

Our client, a dynamic market leader, are seeking a Business Development Manager from any B2B background who has been a manager of business…

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What can agencies learn from inhouse recruiters?


One of the things that characterises the inhouse recruitment community is their willingness to come together at events like RecFest and Tru to share experiences and learning.

Why don’t their agency counterparts do the same thing and share some of their best practices?

Are they worried they’re going to give away some kind of magic ingredient?

The only agency events I see are organised by people like the REC, APSCO and Elite Leaders.

And with the greatest…

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The problem with KPIs


It would seem that most recruiters that have lost their ‘trainee’ tag don’t like KPIs.

Like most people in high-pressured jobs, they just want to be left alone.

More specifically they want to be left alone by managers who learnt how to do recruitment back in the days when the kind of training you can still buy from The REC was still relevant.

But as we know, when it comes to change, the recruitment agency sector moves slowly. Unless that change is cheap…

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