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Posted by Mitch on 16th May 2017


I recently got involved with a group of recruitment agencies to help them attract attention from professionals who’d like to grow, either as Business Developers or as Recruiters.

The holding company is called Elliott Masters. They’re based in London and they have 6 different recruitment businesses.

The 3 that are actively recruiting right now are:

Channel 3 Group – a specialist management consultancy that provides IT advisory, programme delivery and talent management services to the NHS and care sectors.

Cooper Burns – a specialist IT architecture recruitment consultancy with a reputation big enough to enable them to win RPO work with some big blue-chip clients.

SmartCo – a new recruitment agency servicing a new recruitment market – namely the smart energy, smart grid and smart metering sector.

Elliott Masters have grown to a £38M turnover in just 7 years and have some great managers, along with a great CEO.

Speaking of great managers, there’s enough grey hair in the business to stop trainees becoming big egos with small brains – so if you’re currently working for an agency that thinks you’re great simply because you’ve perfected the art of keyword bombing, one of these jobs might be just what you need to survive when the robots take over.

Here’s a list of their current vacancies.

Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to explore any of these jobs confidentially.

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