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Posted by Mitch on 12th October 2018


We’ve all accidentally wandered into a hippy shop at some point in our lives.

You know the ones. They’re usually called Xanadu or Dharmic Phayze and sell crystals, dream catchers and Guatemalan knitwear. When the fog of patchouli-scented joss sticks clears you can see a bearded chap eating a tofu and quinoa salad from a thumb pot. The warm, sweet air is filled with ‘The Magical Sounds of Mating Wales Volume III’.

This is the kind of person who meditates.

You certainly wouldn’t find many high-profile people doing it. And there’s no way you’re going to find recruiters doing it. Right?


It seems my lazy stereotyping is way wide of the mark. Here are some examples:

Ramani Ayer, CEO of The Hartford Group attributes his success to hard work and meditation. He learned the skill aged 24 and believes it helps not just him, but can help the whole world to reduce conflict.

Joaquim Chissano, the former President of Mozambique learned Transcendental Meditation in 1992. He rescued 3 million people from poverty, healed a country after civil war and made meditation an official requirement for all military and police recruits.

Ray Dalio, Billionaire, runs a hedge fund and was inspired by The Beatles to start meditating. He says is allows the calm rational parts of your brain to overpower the ‘fight or flight’ thrill-seeking part. He calmly foresaw the banking crash and is now one of the richest people in the US.

The list of extraordinarily successful people who meditate is longer than my LinkedIn contacts. And having calmly earned billions and rescued nations from disaster, I doubt any of them would have much trouble finding a Civil Engineer in Swindon.

If you already enjoy meditation, are inquisitive or still have doubts, let me introduce you to my client; Data Science Talent Ltd.

Join them and you will not only join a group of people that already meditates; but also the company will pay for you to learn the most advanced meditation programme available.


Two things.

There are hard-nosed business reasons.

Experience tells them that it makes the whole environment calmer, more productive and healthier; people take less time off work. But it’s also ‘the right thing to do. And if they can make the world of work a calmer, more productive place, then that’s the greatest gift they can give anyone.

So, honestly, which camp are you in?

1. You think it’s a load of hippy bollocks and you only read my posts for entertainment and the swearing.

2. You are a recruiter who already meditates and would love to work somewhere that fully embraces meditation.

3. You are open to meditation and think it could help your recruitment career.

I’m happy with any of the above, but if you are in the last two, get in touch so we can discuss this further.


By Jackie Barrie on Saturday, 13 October 2018

Mating Wales? Shame on you.

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