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We all love a metaphor, right?

Posted by Mitch on 16th July 2020


Here’s a sales technique you won’t find in any recruitment training manual.

It might come in handy if you’re looking for a more interesting way to explain to a client why they should retain you by paying some money upfront.

If so, have this one me…

Jesus and Moses decide to have a game of golf. They’re standing on the first tee and it’s Moses to hit first.

He pegs up the ball, takes out his driver and hits it a modest 250 yards up the middle of the fairway.

Jesus steps on the tee, takes out his driver and tops the ball. It scuttles about 50 yards away, in the rough.

Then a rabbit comes along and picks up Jesus’ ball and starts running up the middle of the fairway.

When it’s run about 100 yards, it gets attacked by an eagle which picks up the rabbit and flies off in the direction of the green.

A hunter, who is in an adjacent field, shoots the eagle just as it’s above the green, causing it to drop the rabbit which lands about 6 feet from the flag.

The rabbit dies from the fall. And then, the golf ball trickles out of the rabbit’s mouth and rolls gently into the hole.

Moses watches all of this and turns to Jesus and says “Are we going to play golf or are we just going to fuck about?”

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