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Ghosting on steroids.


Most of the time, companies (and agencies for that matter) get away with ghosting job applicants, but less so with job candidates.

I’ve made that distinction deliberately because a candidate and an applicant are two different things.

An applicant has responded to a job posting, whereas a candidate is someone who has been deemed to be a potential fit and has had at least an initial screening interview.

Most people who don’t hear back from a job application…

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Recruitment Consultant - Staffordshire - £30-40K + commission + company performance bonus


In contingency recruitment, placements aren’t predictable. You can’t trust the model and it only works by playing the numbers.

And, your boss’ reaction to a lack of trust often manifests itself in micro-management.

You’ve seen it before; you come in early and work late, even if it is an “unwritten rule” that wasn’t mentioned at the interview. You’re hammering out arbitrary BD calls, even though you know your time would be better spent…

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Take a running jump…


Head of Tax
Cambridgeshire (some remote working)

Most people don’t know that there are actually two Olympic high-jump records.

The first one was set in 1900 by the US athlete Ray Ewry whose nickname was “The Human Frog”. His clearance of 1.65m has never been beaten.

Then, in 1996, Charles Austin set the other one, jumping 2.39m which was a whole two and a half feet higher.

Why the huge difference?

The first record is for the standing high…

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