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Take a running jump…

Posted by Mitch on 1st April 2021


Head of Tax
Cambridgeshire (some remote working)

Most people don’t know that there are actually two Olympic high-jump records.

The first one was set in 1900 by the US athlete Ray Ewry whose nickname was “The Human Frog”. His clearance of 1.65m has never been beaten.

Then, in 1996, Charles Austin set the other one, jumping 2.39m which was a whole two and a half feet higher.

Why the huge difference?

The first record is for the standing high jump, where athletes jumped from a stationary position, with both feet together. The other one is for the high-jump as we know it today, where the athletes can take a run up.

By now you may be wondering what all this has got to do with you being a Tax Specialist?

Making a successful transition to a higher level in your career is much easier when you take a run at it. Or, to put it another way; it’s so much easier to make a success of a promotion in a business where you’ve already gained some momentum.

Stepping up to any new role is tough. You need to seize your new responsibilities with confidence. When you’re doing it in a completely new environment, there are other challenges, like winning people’s confidence, understanding the company culture and making sure you don’t use Moira’s favourite mug.

Often, there’s resistance to someone new stepping into the well-worn shoes of the person who did the job before. The next person to take it on is often in a no-win situation through no fault of their own.

So, what’s the alternative?

We’ve been retained to fill a Head of Tax role with a mid-sized practice that’s a chance to take a run up at a promotion.

On paper it looks like a sideways move. In reality, it’s anything but.

ACA/CTA qualified (or equivalent), you’d call on your all-round people skills and experience of providing tax advice SMEs. You’d report into the MD of a group of three offices that effectively run as their own successful small business.

You’d have the freedom to lead a small team spanning personal and corporate tax – budgeting, setting targets, improving the product suite and generally taking the strain off the existing partners.

Already, it’s a chance to shine; a shop window for your skills.

Now, let’s say one of the partners were planning to retire in the next couple of years. He’s bought the holiday home and dusted off his golf clubs. He’s ready to hand on the reins to someone new next year. The person doing this Head of Tax role would be in pole position to take over.

You’d effectively be the Partner elect.

This is your shot at taking that running jump. A chance to succeed at a much higher level than you might otherwise have done.

To find out more, talk (in confidence) to Richard Newcombe or email him at richard (at)

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