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Two NEDs are better than one

Posted by Mitch on 9th June 2015


I’m making available another service, beyond the SME recruitment and the Retained Recruitment Training I already do. That of an Non-Executive Director.

As a NED, I will challenge and clarify your thinking on client development, recruitment, training, social media, sales, marketing and new product development.

I’m confident that I would make a material impact on your bottom line, but you could always go one better.

You can combine my knowledge with the brains of Mark Johnson.

Mark’s most recent role was that of Commercial Director of the well-known film & TV production company Celador and his experience covers media, software, office services, design and publishing. He has started businesses and helped them grow, evolve and sell. He’s an accountant by training, a proven change manager and proven boost to any business.

Together, as joint NEDs of your recruitment agency, with my recruitment knowledge and Mark’s financial and business acumen we know we could add significant value to your business.

And the fee is small enough for you to ignore what we say without feeling guilty.

But I guarantee that much of it will at least make you think and give you valuable fresh perspectives on issues you may have struggled with for years.

Call me for an informal chat.

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