Fast Track Recruitment

Non Executive Director

Experience that money can buy

I, along with Mark Johnson, could be prepared to become a joint Non Executive Director of your agency – with no minimum contract.

For that you will have two half-days of our time for any board/strategy/management meetings you may hold where we’d participate in helping you define or clarify any issues you’re having in areas such as:

Phone conversations will be unlimited.

We’d be the people that challenges traditional thinking, asks awkward questions, gives honest feedback and have an opinion on pretty much everything you’re trying to do.

And because the monthly fee is smallish, you can feel a lot better about ignoring it if you want to. But I guarantee that much of it will make you think at the very worst – and help you adapt to the changing market at the very best.

An NED is sometimes described as a ‘critical friend’. We’re really good at being both those things.

Call me and let’s have an informal chat about what this might offer your business.



I can be reached at:
Mobile: 07725 185395

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