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Why Recruitment Agencies Need To Become Pigs

Bear with me on this one.

It must be searingly obvious to anyone who works in recruitment that recruitment agencies are receiving a lot of flak at the moment – most of it around their oafish sales tactics and their diminishing ability to deliver a viable recruitment service to either the company or the candidate.

So, how did we get here?

With the advent of the Internet came a lot of predictions that it would spell the end of recruitment agencies. That…

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Getting fooled by recruitment sector specialisation.


I found this superb blog by Martin Ellis, the MD at Sam Headhunting.

It echoes something I’ve been saying for a while, which is that pretty-much all the sector-specialist recruiters I’ve ever met or spoken to (and that is quite a lot over the years) have almost all made the “we have the best candidates” mantra the basis of their sales message.

Most of them, when pushed (I’m great at pushing), couldn’t articulate why or how that was the case. Normally, 3…

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SME Recruitment

Given everything that has happened in the economy over the past 15 months in terms of global corporate largesse, this writer has generally been of the opinion that it will be the SME’s that lead us out of recession.

So you can imagine my delight to hear that recruitment is “booming” and has reached a “two year high”.

A few days later, my delight was tinged with a more familiar shaking of the head when I read that they blow £69 million on weak recruitment…

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