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You’re not ready for a job this big.

Posted by Mitch on 3rd August 2016



You’re a salesperson that wants to become a manager.

Or maybe you are already leading a small team of salespeople? Either way, you’re doing well, hitting your targets and earning good money.

But you’re not ready for a job this big.

Your approach to sales is forensic, analysing data from CRMs like MS Dynamics or Salesforce, understanding buyers’ motivations and individual team members’ metrics.

But still, you’re not ready for a job this big.

In time you’d like to earn twice what you do now. You want to work for, and learn from, one of the country’s leading sales trainers. You could learn more about sales in three years here than you will in ten anywhere else.

But, let’s be honest, you’re not ready for a job this big.

Your scientific approach and your logical mind probably comes from a scientific, finance or legal degree.

You know that sales isn’t all about gobby, gregarious grifters; staying in travel taverns and roaring into the mirror before bed. You know that a methodical, rigorous, focused approach to the numbers (and to the people) is what drives results.

But even so, you’re just not quite ready for a job this big.

You’re not an emotional character, you don’t rise to anything, you don’t get wound-up and you’re not going to act rashly or do anything without carefully weighing up every available piece of data.

But one thing really steams your clams; being told that ‘you’re not ready for a job this big’.

T4 Media is an established, niche outdoor advertising company about to launch a sub-division they’ve been nurturing for a couple of years called

Taking this sub-division from 6 people and £1m turnover to 24 people and £5m in 4 years is a big ask. They sell a unique form of advertising space, have a fantastic culture, robust systems and some of the best sales thinking, anywhere.

So here’s the challenge.

Tell me why you think you’re ready for a job this big.


By Simon Gregory on Thursday, 04 August 2016

Hi Mitch,

Interesting pitch.  Your message suggests you’re looking for someone that believes they’re ready for a big challenge.  So I have a question; what’s more important to your client, giving someone their first big break or getting it right first time?

To answer your question, I know I’m ready because I’ve done it several times before; boot-strapped startup from £0-£7m in six years, three turnarounds and a new global sales launch in six months, all in different industries.

If you asked me what people think of me I couldn’t tell you, I don’t ask, although I can be pretty certain my ex’ would be rather less generous with her comments than yours!

Happy to talk about this role or any others.


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