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You’re cheap for a reason.

Posted by Mitch on 8th March 2017


All those people claiming to “revolutionise recruitment” seems to be doing so by offering a cheap service.

Whether it be a job board, a flat-fee service or just a recruitment agency charging less than 12% per placement – all of them seem to be admitting that the game’s up and that they’re finally charging fees that are consistent with a service that’s still mostly about throwing lots of CVs at lots of random jobs.

Or advertising lots of random jobs – badly I might add.

That’s some real collective low self-esteem right there.

I’m looking forward to when more agencies start “revolutionising recruitment” by charging more, not less.

They’d be charging more because they know more and would be prepared to do more.

The difference is, those recruitment businesses wouldn’t be so dumb as to claim they were revolutionising anything – because knowledge and hard work can’t be revolutionalised.

They’d probably not claim to be revolutionising anything because they’d also know something about marketing.

Which would probably also explain why they’d be able to charge more.

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