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Why are HR and Recruiters so maligned?

Posted by Mitch on 12th October 2016


Assuming we can agree that being a Politician isn’t a proper job, pound for pound, the professions that get the most public ridicule/shame/abuse are those in human resources and recruitment.

At least this is what my social media news feeds are telling me.

Maybe if I was connected to more Accountants or Pipe Fitters, I’d see them being complained about too. But I doubt it.

I think the reason HR and Recruiters attract so much heat is because their stock-in-trade is people.

And people are the least predictable things in the whole world.

Which basically means that Recruiters and HR have jobs that are the corporate world’s equivalent of herding cats.

What I’m saying here is, it’s your fault too.

For behaving like every other human being.

The robots can’t get here soon enough.

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