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The Secrets to Business Blogging Success

Posted by Mitch on 24th October 2014

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Defining what constitutes a successful business blog will probably vary, depending on who you ask.

I think one measure of success is if your blog ever makes the phone ring.

Another (and perhaps better) measure of success is if any of those phone calls result in any business being done.

Let’s go with either of those.

OK, so here’s the Holy Grail of blogging insight, if you’re thinking of starting a business blog:

1. Write interesting content.

2. Write it in an engaging way.

3. Wait 3 years.

Number 3 is the easiest.

I was thinking of calling this blog “The 3 W’s of Business Blogging” but thought “secrets” would drive more would-be business bloggers to this page.

You’re welcome, would-be business bloggers.

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