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Staff retention is in a good place.

Posted by Mitch on 9th May 2016


How’s this for irony.

The best and biggest single contributor to staff retention is the current recruitment system.

And by recruitment system, I mean things like job boards, email job alerts, job ads, LinkedIn and Applicant Tracking Systems.

I also mean things like specialist software recruiters who 4 months ago were selling cosmetics from a department store, HR people who hide behind PSLs and line managers who think they’re doing you a favour just by having a job vacancy.

Candidates (sorry, potential candidates) must sometimes take a cursory look at the jobs market and say to themselves “Yeah, I don’t think so. Maybe I’ll just stay where I am.”

In fact, I know they do.

According to research from Social Talent and Jobvite, for every 100 people who enter a job-related search into Google, only 2 actually end up following through.

To discourage people from applying for jobs at that scale is remarkable.

The recruitment system. Keeping people in jobs they hate like never before.

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