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Posted by Mitch on 17th January 2017

Her name is Deborah Hodge and she took a break whilst tending to her sick child. She also took some of that time to launch a new career as an artist and writer – and pulled a few stunts to help publicise this which got her some attention in the mainstream media.

I think a sales role would suit her; after all she was able to blag her way onto This Morning and hold her ground with Philip Schofield.

What she discovered quickly was that controversy sells and she created the persona “Cecily Baker” who has had a spoof relationship with Richard Branson for two years and was even invited to Newcastle to meet him but blew out the entrepreneur to be on Judge Rinder.

On top of those shenanigans, she even become a stand-up comedian and received a standing ovation at the Hackney attic performing her feminist poetry. She has also completed three novels and her art exhibition featured in the Evening Standard.

So, not someone who’s intimidated by very much.

She wants to return to sales and needs the thrill of bonuses and commission, which was unavailable during her teaching career.

She would prefer to work around Bexleyheath and South East London but is more than willing to relocate for the right package.

Deborah isn’t your usual candidate and I doubt any agency would be able to place her, because of her colourful past and the fact that her media sales experience was several years ago.

She’s smart and ballsy and is now in a situation where money is a big motivator.

I think in the right company she’d be an over-achiever – especially when considering all that she’s achieved over the last 3 years with a baby under her arm and no income to speak of.

You can reach Deborah at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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