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Hyperbole or Pedantry?

Posted by Mitch on 19th March 2015


I hate it when marketers use the phrase “the future is now”. The future isn’t now, it’s tomorrow. Now is today.

What they’re really saying is “Here’s our new product, ahead of schedule”.

Although what they’re probably trying to say is “Hey look, we’re really cutting-edge and smart”, which they rarely are.

Nobody cares if it’s ahead of schedule, or believe that it’s innovative.

All people care about is if it can improve their life in some way.

I think these marketers should sack their copywriter.

Or start using one.


By James Coakes on Thursday, 19 March 2015

These are the sort of things that leading companies like to say. Which is to say the companies that are not the biggest and not the most successful or they would say that instead. You can say you’re leading without having to say how, so it’s quite useful.

By Mitch on Thursday, 19 March 2015

So you’re disagreeing with me are you?

Consider yourself banned.

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