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Enough with the sanctimonious bullshit

Posted by Mitch on 20th April 2015


Ever since LinkedIn facilitated the uploading of images, it seems like it’s getting overrun with inspirational messages posted and ‘liked’ by what I can only assume are people desperate to create some kind of goal-post for their sad, empty, pot noodle-eating lives.

Many of them seem to fetishise rich people like Richard Branson or Warren Buffet.

Which is ironic because I’ll bet you a pound to a bucket of pigshit that neither of those two ever sat around sharing hollow mantras and patting themselves on the back.

Nobody is ever going to be inspired by your motivational caption that’s been overlaid on a picture of a cute kitten and an adorable puppy both trying to climb into the same slipper.

Nobody except another idiot.

You think life is that easy?

That people’s problems can be resolved by a quote urging them to “dream big” or to “go for it!”

You idiots are all theory and no application.


By Martin Ellis on Tuesday, 21 April 2015

We agree on everything except our regard of Pot Noodle. I like Marmite too.

By Jim Powell on Wednesday, 22 April 2015

That’s right Mitch, let it go. Be at one with the universe. When we let go everything is possible.

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