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Concerned that robots might be able to do your job? Don’t be.

Posted by Mitch on 21st March 2016


Today I read an article on LinkedIn that talks about how Artificial Intelligence could remove the need for recruiters.

There’s no need to read it. It’s really long and basically just says that by 2036 robots could have replaced human recruiters.

Great. Bring it on.

I’m looking forward to the day when robots will be doing our jobs.

Obviously, robots don’t need salaries, which means that we can muck about at home all day on full pay.

That’s how this robot thing is going to work, right?

Plus, these robots will probably need managing. Think about it. If you’ve seen Terminator, you’ll know how real that shit can get if they’re left to their own devices.

What we could end up with is these robots only giving jobs to other robots.

Then McKinsey would bring out a groundbreaking report called The War For Robots.

And then we’d all really be in trouble.

You can read a more serious treatment of this topic here.

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