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Posted by Mitch on 13th January 2017


1. Get the best of both worlds

You’re a great account manager.

You’re smart and intuitive – a good reader of people and situations. You’re diligent, well organised, commercially astute and know what a sales process is.

In fact, you’re exactly what I need, so you’ll forgive me if I get straight to the point and tell you why this might be your ideal career move.

You’d be part of a relatively new project but with the backing of an established business called T4 Media Group that’s been going for 20+ years. They’re a lively bunch based in Waterloo who deliver unmissable ad campaigns for clients your mum’s heard of: BMW, American Express, LV, Cadbury…

You’d become an Account Manager for an offshoot of their primary business called Local Advertising That Works.

They sell outdoor advertising – mainly petrol pump nozzle ads – directly to small traders and local businesses all over the UK. It’s a job you can shape and make your own in a new venture – one that’s potentially very lucrative.

2. Money. Money. Money.

We’re really excited about the potential of this market.

Petrol pump nozzles offer local small businesses the opportunity to create a visual connection with every fuel buyer who sees them and is one of the few advertising mediums the potential customer actually holds in their hands.

Of course, we need someone like you, with experience of dealing with SMEs and owner-­managed businesses to take the sales coming through the door and turn them into great campaigns and satisfied, regular customers. Succeed and you could easily be earning £20K, even £30k, on top of a basic of £28K.

3. Grow your own way

You’ve probably already spotted that growth is what this job’s all about.

Turning one-time customers into repeat business, cultivating relationships, cross-selling and up-selling so that petrol pump advertising becomes a regular feature of your client’s marketing mix.

Your sales and relationship-building skills will directly impact your customers ability to win more local customers. You’d be key to making the business accelerate and the more they grow, the more responsibility you’ll have.

Maybe in a couple of years, you could be running an ad like this to recruit your own team.

Want to know more? Talk to me, Mitch Sullivan or drop me an email, and I’ll tell you everything about the inspiring team behind this business, their big plans and exactly where you’d fit in.

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