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A shout-out to sales recruiters

Posted by Mitch on 24th June 2016



I’m about to start a campaign for a client to hire 12 people over the next 6 months.

The most critical of those new hires is a Sales Manager.

It’s based in central London, pays somewhere between £50-75K as a base salary with another £25K in override bonuses in the first year. By year three, this will be a Sales Director role in a company twice the size it is now, paying around £150K.

The kind of background we’re looking for this person to have is fairly broad. The critical stuff is what kind of sales manager they are. How they train, how they motivate and how they performance manage.

Before I start advertising this role, I figured it would probably be worth exploring running this vacancy through one good sales recruiter – primarily to potentially save myself some time.

If I can’t find one good sales recruiter, I may be willing to work with 3 or 4 average ones.

Is there a sales recruiter out there who:

1. Understands selling. It may sound like a silly question, but many sales recruiters don’t.

2. Carries a proprietary (and clean) database of sales candidates.

3. Wants to work with me. You know, like in a partnership.

4. Is open to charging less than market rate for a client that will be doing half of their work for them.

If there is, feel free to get in touch with me via LinkedIn.


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