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How to write compelling job ads - A practical course for ambitious recruiters who want to stand out from the crowd.

How do you make your job ads stand out from the rest, so that your target candidate audience wants to read them?

By knowing how to craft better job ads that help you reach more passive candidates, attract the right responses and filter-out more of the time-wasters.

Recruiter, Mitch Sullivan and Copywriter, Jackie Barrie will work with you to unpick real ads you’ve written and put them back together in a more effective way.

One delegate raised their click-to-apply ratio into double figures, with many more applicants shortlisted. Another said she’d tripled her ad engagement.

See some of the testimonials below.

What you’ll learn

The course follows a tried and tested structure, but the content is entirely bespoke each time, with your own ads used as case studies throughout the day.

The level of customisation is unique – and may explain why delegates get such amazing results by the end of the day.

You’ll leave with a formula for writing compelling job ads that you can implement immediately and use forever.

• Basic principles and psychology of marketing and advertising

• Four-step formula for effective job ads

• How to write like a human being, not a recruiter-bot

• Key questions to ask before you write a word

• How to transform a dull job description into a creative job advert

About you

You’re a recruiter – agency or inhouse – and attracting potential candidates to your jobs is a critical part of your job. To add to the pressure, your employer probably prides themselves on ‘doing recruitment properly’ or claims to be ‘different from the rest’.

You might have been writing job ads for ages but are now feeling stale and want to refresh your enthusiasm. Or you might be new to recruitment and want to start as you mean to go on.

When and where

Here are the upcoming open courses:

London – Thursday 17th January 2019

Birmingham – Wednesday 6th February 2019

Manchester – Tuesday 26th February 2019

London – Thursday 14th March 2019

Leeds – Tuesday 26th March 2019

Alternatively, a bespoke course can be run at your premises anywhere in the UK – just ask.

If you’re elsewhere in the world, we’ll come to you if your budget covers our expenses, otherwise, you’ll have to wait for the online version of the course (due March 2019).

Your investment

The standard cost is £450 per delegate + VAT. This includes a full day of bespoke training plus lunch and refreshments and a customised workbook.

Delegates also receive a follow-up pack of online resources, access to a private LinkedIn group PLUS one month of individual support from Mitch via phone and email.

What previous attendees say

“How does tripling your advert engagement sound? That’s what it did for me. I’ve had candidates say ‘I wasn’t really looking, but I loved how the company sounded in the ad’. We’ve made a number of direct hires this way, saving time AND money.“
Sarah Potter

“This week we had an application that directly quotes my advert, citing it as the reason we caught their attention. This candidate could earn significantly more money in London with a more established company, but my advert convinced him to consider us anyway. Solid proof that the course has helped us attract new/better candidates.”
Yasmine Gray

“Who says ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?’ They are wrong. 25+ years in this game and I feel like a totally different recruitment professional.”
Peter Ricci

“The MD of a company that I wrote an advert for said: ‘I’d apply for that myself’. Great course. It’s changed the way I look at marketing my jobs & myself.”
Michael Hewitt

“If you are looking to stand out from the noise and create some truly measurable and engaging online content, these guys will pull zero punches.”
James Gallagher

“This course is essential if you work in candidate-driven sectors. Without great adverts, you can’t attract great candidates. This course will give you the tools and strategies to write compelling job adverts.”
Damien Deighan

“Be prepared to take criticism; they do not hold back and know what they are talking about. Want to argue? Don’t. Closest analogy would be telling Paul Hollywood how to bake bread. Wish I had done this earlier in my career – some past roles could have ended differently.”
Will Louzado

“No matter how good you think your ads are, Mitch and Jackie will tear them to shreds and make you rethink everything.”
Charlie Knight

“The course is horseshit free and really challenged half a lifetime’s usage of clichés, jargon and bad habits.”
Kevin Long

“It’s shocking how much I saw my writing improve in just one day.”
Joey Relton

“There was a clear difference between the ads we wrote originally and those after the course.”
Nina Pezeshkian

“Left the course with a much better understanding of the science behind a good ad, and the capabilities to write one.”
Rachel Frost

“You will look at job advertising completely differently.”
Jacob Golding

“Breaks through the wall of homogeneous, boring adverts and gives you the necessary skills to attract the star candidate.”
Alex Griffin

“A fun, engaging course which has taught me more than I thought. Would recommend for any recruiter wanting to write better ads.”
Tim Wood

“Less swearing than I expected.”
Ed Collins

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