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How to write compelling job ads - A practical course for ambitious recruiters

Just because other recruiters typically write ads a certain way doesn’t mean that’s the way it should be done.

How do you make your job ads stand out from the rest, so they captivate the target candidate, at-a-glance?

When you can craft better job ads you’ll be able to fill some roles faster, have happier clients and improve your (or your client’s) brand perception. If your website says you’re great recruiters, but your job ads read the same as all your competitors, what is this doing to your business?

Learn the fundamentals of writing compelling job ads from recruiter, Mitch Sullivan and copywriter, Jackie Barrie.

Together, we’ll unpick real ads you’ve written and put them back together in a more effective way. You’ll leave with a formula for writing compelling job ads that you can implement immediately and use forever.

Who should attend?

You – if you write online job ads, whether you’re an inhouse or agency recruiter.

What you’ll learn:

• Basic principles and psychology of marketing and advertising.

• Standard structure of an effective job ad.

• Recruitment clichés to ditch right now.

• How to write like a human being, not a recruiter-bot.

• How to take the right kind of job brief.

• How to transform a dull job description into a compelling job advert.

Here are the upcoming courses:


Alternatively, bespoke courses can be run at your premises anywhere in the UK. Call me to discuss booking an inhouse course that’s tailored specifically to your business and sector.

The cost is £450 per delegate + VAT.

Delegates also receive a PDF of the course materials PLUS one-month follow-up support from Mitch via phone and email.

Here are some of the things other recruiters have said:

“The course is fantastic and your whole mindset changes by the end. Without a doubt, you can see the difference in your work from when you started to when you finish.” – Mohammed Saloom

“Great course. Good balance between theory and practical application. Follow-up plan sounds like it will give very clear benefits.” – Dominic Cooke

“Mitch and Jackie will undoubtedly make you a better advert writer. Money well spent.” – Richard Parsons

“If you think you know how to appeal to candidates properly, you are probably wrong. Simple changes that we hope can make a big difference.” – Greg Evans

“Desperately need help to be different in a crowded marketplace of adverts. Will look forward to writing new ads with the new tools. Ongoing support is great. Really enjoyed – more importantly, lots of takeaways.” – James Chessum

“Really loved this course. I feel more confident in writing engaging job ads and I can definitely see our talent attraction goals improving.” – Alex O’Connor

“The course was a real eye-opener. I’ve obviously picked up some bad habits in my time, but you’ve given us some really good tips for the future.” – Giles Symonds

“The course packs so much in, in a highly effective way. Would recommend highly. Great day.” – Jonathan Greenhalgh

“Thanks to Mitch and Jackie for a very insightful course. Taking nuggets of recruitment industry experience from Mitch and creative copywriting elements from Jackie will definitely help us write better ads.” – Steph Hill

“This course is essential if you work in candidate-driven sectors. Without great adverts, you can’t attract great candidates. This course will give you the tools and strategies to write compelling job adverts.” – Damien Deighan

“An extremely in-depth and entertaining look at what makes a great recruitment ad. No matter how good you think your ads are, Mitch and Jackie will tear them to shreds and make you rethink everything.” – Charlie Knight

“A fun, engaging course which has taught me more than I thought. Would recommend for any recruiter wanting to write better ads.” – Tim Wood


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