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Improving the odds.


Recruitment advertising has one big advantage over other forms of direct response advertising.

A recruitment ad only needs to find one customer.

Most companies and recruiters know this (if only subconsciously) although many expect to find 3 or 4 from which they can choose the one. I think this can cause people (Hiring Managers, HR, TA and  Recruiters) to go in one of two directions.

The First Direction

This is where the job poster crafts content that…

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Ghosting on steroids.


Most of the time, companies (and agencies for that matter) get away with ghosting job applicants, but less so with job candidates.

I’ve made that distinction deliberately because a candidate and an applicant are two different things.

An applicant has responded to a job posting, whereas a candidate is someone who has been deemed to be a potential fit and has had at least an initial screening interview.

Most people who don’t hear back from a job application…

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The “Nice to Haves”...


On many job postings, straight after an often impossibly long ‘Required Experience’ list, you’ll often see another list of ‘Nice To Haves’.

What I think the ‘Nice To Have’ list does is put off potential candidates who met the criteria in the ‘Required Experience’ list but don’t have the ‘Nice to Haves’.

I can imagine some qualified people reading it and thinking, “So that’s what they’re really looking for. OK, I’m out”.

It’s almost like some companies are…

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