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Do you have an artistic side?


Recruitment can be really boring.

It’s a relentless sausage factory, pumping out hour after hour of tedious tasks; sales, processing, sifting, chasing, smiling, chatting, handshaking, presenting, travelling, meeting.

Some of the more happy-clappy of you may disagree that all those tasks are tedious. But trust me, they’ll become tedious once you’ve been doing this shit for about 10 years.

A lot of recruiters talk a good game on LinkedIn; “Met up…

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Are you getting any?


One of the major and perennial problems with running a perm recruitment agency is the question of clients – or to be more precise, getting them.

Look at any job ad for an agency recruiter and either the ability to cold call or bring clients with you will feature regularly.

The only reason I can think of as to why recruitment agencies need to be consistently looking for new clients is because they don’t keep enough of them.

So what can an agency do to…

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You need to be having more conversations like this…


Recruiter: “Thanks for sending over the job description. Is now a good time for us to talk this through?”

Hiring Manager: “Why do we need to talk it through? Everything you need is in that job description.”

Recruiter: “I’m going to need a lot more information that’s not there if I’m going to produce some decent job marketing.”

Hiring Manager: “You don’t need to do any job marketing. We’ve already run an ad for this and it didn’t work, so I think…

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