Fast Track Recruitment

Retained External Recruiter

Unlike most 3rd party recruitment providers, my ethic is one of empowering less illustrious companies in their recruitment efforts rather than simply trying to profit from any weaknesses they may have in this area.

Not only does this mean all recruitment assignments are priced under the traditional 25% fee levels most decent recruitment firms ask for – it also means that every single piece of recruitment intelligence, ad-copy and candidate CV will belong to you, not me.

Your own candidate knowledge banks are enhanced, which should make your future recruitment assignments a little easier. Whether you retain this data or I do it for you, the general aim is to gradually make you better at hiring talent and to slash your external agency bills.

I will work transparently and in a way that effectively makes me a temporary member of your recruitment team and a permanent advocate of your employment reputation in the candidate market.

Whilst I specialise in filling Sales and Recruitment/HR positions, essentially I can fill any role, at any level. If I can’t help you, I will either recommend someone who can or sub-contract the work out and project-manage the assignment on your behalf. If I do sub-contract the work out, it will not affect the fee you pay. The key factor is that I will be representing your interests and your reputation, and nobody else.

Over the past 8 years I have produced nearly 200 individual recruitment assignments for clients in the UK and Europe that have collectively enjoyed an ‘assignment-to-placement’ success ratio of 94%.

Enough said.



I can be reached at:
Mobile: 07725 185395

I have an assignment to placement ratio of 94%

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