Fast Track Recruitment

Inhouse Recruiter

I can work directly for you, on an interim consultancy basis, in two ways.

The first way is to help you build a reliable, cost effective pipeline of engaged candidates – creating talent-pools that you and your organisation can fully manage, and own.

The first week will be spent performing a full recruitment audit and producing a new recruitment roadmap. Then together, we can help you build a candidate attraction and selection strategy without you incurring any additional day-rate fees.

Alternatively, I can come in and become a temporary part of your HR/Recruiting team to solve any recruitment bottlenecks and/or any number of vacancies that may be proving problematical.

I can combine all of this with the expertise and drive of a seasoned, pragmatic recruiter who understands exactly what it takes for candidates to make you their next career move.


If you need a recruiter who is eloquent, smart and modest – knows how and where to search for talented people – and knows what to say to them when he finds them, get in touch today.

Or even better, if you want to start building your own resourcing and recruitment plan so you don’t need to use recruiters like me anymore, let’s talk.



I can be reached at:
Mobile: 07725 185395

I produce a personalise candidate attraction roadmap

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