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This workshop is intended for HR and/or Internal Recruiters who need to drive some of their vacancies through a recruitment PSL. 

It aims to broadly point out some of the inherent problems with using recruitment agencies in today’s market and a tried and tested solution to solving those problems.

The recruitment landscape has undergone a revolution in the past 5 years, but sadly recruitment agencies have not been part of that revolution.

Contingency recruitment has slowly become less and less relevant as the best option to trying to fill jobs yourself, as it once was.

In the days when it was relevant (before job boards and LinkedIn), hiring companies would give a vacancy to 4 agencies and all of those agencies would be looking for suitable candidates in different places. Today those same 4 agencies would all be sourcing candidates from exactly the same places.

The net result is the best candidates not wanting anything to do with your vacancy and regular duplicate candidate submissions.

That first change has to be to move some of their agency partner business relationships from one that is ad-hoc and difficult to predict to one that has a degree of certainty and therefore easy to predict.

This means making the agencies accountable in return for them knowing they have real money to earn.

Sounds easy, but doing it on a practical level is more difficult.

It’s difficult because some of your agency suppliers will not know how to run a proper recruitment campaign or will simply have a low ethical count when it comes to delivery promises. But they will all sell themselves on being at the cutting-edge of specialist recruitment.

That nonsense has to be cut through. They will have to be assessed on their ability to deliver what you need, with the quality you need and at the right price.

The most effective way to source, select and manage recruitment agencies to become key recruitment suppliers, is to treat the process like that of hiring a new employee. Because it is that important.

This workshop will show you how to assess and select a number of recruitment agency suppliers that can and will fill your vacancies on demand – and with better quality candidates.


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