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You need to be having more conversations like this…

Posted by Mitch on 27th July 2020


Recruiter: “Thanks for sending over the job description. Is now a good time for us to talk this through?”

Hiring Manager: “Why do we need to talk it through? Everything you need is in that job description.”

Recruiter: “I’m going to need a lot more information that’s not there if I’m going to produce some decent job marketing.”

Hiring Manager: “You don’t need to do any job marketing. We’ve already run an ad for this and it didn’t work, so I think you’ll need to headhunt these candidates.”

Recruiter: “Oh really? What would you like me to say to these headhunted candidates to get them to want to talk to me?”

Hiring Manager: “I don’t know, that’s your job. You’re the recruiter”.

Recruiter: “That’s true, I am. But I’ll tell you something I’m not.”

Hiring Manager: “What’s that?”

Recruiter: “A Magician.”

Hiring Manager: “Eh? What do you mean?”

Recruiter: “What I mean is that I can’t just pull reasons why potential candidates would want to have a conversation with me about a new job out of thin air.”

Hiring Manager: “That shouldn’t be a problem. They should already want to work for us. We’ve got a good reputation in the market.”

Recruiter: “Are you saying that there’s already lots of these types of people out there who want to work for you?”

Hiring Manager: “Yeah, probably…”

Recruiter: “If that were the case, why didn’t your own job ad work? Were all those people who already knew they wanted to work for you out of the country that week?”

Hiring Manager: “There’s no need to be sarcastic.”

Recruiter: “Actually, there is.”

Hiring Manager: “Look, the job description document I sent you has all the details of the job and the type of person we need.”

Recruiter: “Do you have a document that has all of the details on why that type of person would want to do the job?”

Hiring Manager: “No, why would I? If they need a job, they’ll respond to your headhunting.”

Recruiter: “If they needed a job, they’d be looking at job ads, wouldn’t they? It would need to be a special kind of stupid if someone who needed another job was sitting around waiting to be headhunted. Are you especially looking for someone who’s stupid?”

Hiring Manager: “OK, then I think the best approach is to headhunt people who are already doing this type of work.”

Recruiter: “We’re starting to go around in circles here. If we don’t have any reasons to offer them as to why they’d want to work for you, that means we’re limited to only being able to find people who happen to hate their job enough to be interested in anything. So, what you’re really asking me to do is research who these people are, message and/or phone to tell them about your job vacancy and hope they don’t need any convincing to attend an interview. That’s quite arduous work on a number of levels. Then, if halfway through me doing all of this, one of the other agencies you’ve probably sent this job description to gets lucky and sends in a candidate that you end up hiring, all of the work I did will be for nothing.”

Hiring Manager: “But that’s your job.”

Recruiter: “What, to blindly send out emails, messages and make cold calls hoping to bump into qualified people who are in jobs they hate and for me to have about a 1 in 10 chance of earning any money out of it? No. Being rubbish at recruitment is your job. My job is to find candidates that you can’t find. And for more money that you really want to pay. By the way, those last two sentences are connected.”

Hiring Manager: “OK. The reasons why someone would want to work for us are; we’re an industry leader, we pay above market rate and we have a subsidised staff canteen.”

Recruiter: “What makes you an industry leader? What’s the current market rate for this job and how much over it are you paying? And who’s the chef in the subsidised staff canteen, Raymond fucking Blanc?”

Hiring Manager: “You’re funny.”

Recruiter: “Yeah, so are you. Difference is, I’m doing it deliberately.”

Hiring Manager: “So, where do we go from here?”

Recruiter: “I’m going to spend an hour on LinkedIn researching some of your staff to see if any of them might be suitable for one of my real clients.”

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By Steve Owen on Monday, 27 July 2020

I thought this is what today’s recruiter does? Fire out bunch of resumes to hiring manager with hope one hits.

Recruiter: “What, to blindly send out emails, messages and make cold calls hoping to bump into qualified people who are in jobs they hate and for me to have about a 1 in 10 chance of earning any money out of it?

By Mitch on Monday, 27 July 2020

Steve, that’s what today’s rookie and ‘old school’ recruiters still do.

By David Barratt on Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Unfortunately there are still lots of hiring managers like the guy portrayed. Best to avoid these time wasters.

By Stuart on Tuesday, 02 February 2021

I can think of a couple of hiring managers for whom this conversation might be a little soft.

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