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The Road to Damascus

Posted by Mitch on 3rd September 2021


If you’re a recruiter and you’ve ever invested time, money or both improving how you write, either through books or formal training, there comes a moment when you know for sure the effort has been worth it.

That moment comes the first time you get an email from a qualified candidate saying something along the lines of “I’m not really looking, but I saw your ad…”

That’s when you really know. That’s your Road to Damascus moment, if you ever really needed one.

Because if one person is saying that out loud, you can bet your bottom dollar plenty of others were thinking it.

Compared to most other forms of advertising, job adverts are generally more limiting in terms of their creative scope. That’s partly because it’s a form of advertising that requires the reader to be a certain kind of person to be qualified to buy what’s on offer.

But that’s also a distinct advantage it has over most other forms of advertising. Job ads only have to find one customer.

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