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Same as it ever was…

Posted by Mitch on 29th July 2021


When I read agency websites and/or recruiter profiles I nearly always see words like this being liberally used…

“market leading”
“top talent”

I could go on…

The problem is, when people read this stuff so regularly, it doesn’t tally with their own experiences of recruitment agencies.

And it doesn’t really matter if someone has had 1 or 2 positive experiences with recruiters, because if they’ve also had many negative experiences then that will probably colour their overall view of the sector.

Nobody’s buying this kind of rhetoric anymore. Other people sharing their own recruitment experiences a lot more since the rise of social media has put paid to that.

I appreciate that most agency services are basically the same, but that doesn’t mean they have to sound the same. Or does it?

Are they actually all the same in real life? Have agency recruiters all become one homogenous mass – learning, reciting and passing on the same sales patter and grammatical affectations?

My answer to this possible dilemma is for recruiters to learn how to write better.

But I also accept that this advice could come across as a man with a hammer looking for nails.

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