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Job boards should stick to what they’re good at.

Posted by Mitch on 2nd August 2019


What they’re good at is processing job ads.

What they’re bad at is giving advice on how to write those job ads.

Do you know why most of the advice from job boards about writing job ads is wrong?

It’s because their primary concern is to have the job ad repeat as many of the words in the job title as often as possible. This helps their SEO whilst rendering your job ad almost unfuckingreadable.

The other reason they are wrong is because their advice assumes that the only people who look at job ads are active job hunters, when all the stats and the basic maths (unique site visits versus the number of people unemployed) clearly show that at least 60% of job board traffic is from people who are in jobs. This part is important because the way active and passive candidates process job information is different.

Active candidates want to know if it’s a job they can do.

So, the advice job boards dish out is essentially based on a standard job description layout. Their idea of selling the job is to sprinkle that job description with words like “exciting”, “dynamic” and “thriving”.

Passive candidates on the other hand, want to know if it’s a job they’d want to do.

Big difference.

These people need more than “This is an exciting role within a dynamic team for a thriving company”. What they need is to have the job sold to them. And the best way to sell anything to anyone is to appeal to that persons self-interests.

Please stop taking advice on writing job ads from job boards, because at best they don’t know what they’re talking about and at worst, they’re using your job ads to drive-up their Google ranking.

CV Library are possibly the worst, if only because they allow people to write about job advertising who’ve never had to write a job ad and who proudly proclaim that they love exclamation marks.

Fuck me.*

*That was a cry of frustration, not an invitation.

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