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I’m hiring…

Posted by Mitch on 3rd April 2017


The Role

I have a vacancy for a new person to mentor – a Mentee I think is what people are calling this kind of person these days. Personally, I’m not a fan of the word so from now on I’m just going to use You.

The position involves you recruiting staff for companies – something you’ve already started to excel at.

More specifically, this role will involve you stepping outside of your comfort zone and selling real recruitment solutions to companies that will shortly become real clients.

In a relatively short time, you’ll also learn how to say ‘No’ to a lot more companies than you ever imagined possible. Eventually, that ‘No’ will turn into ‘WTF?’

It’s a part-time job that will take-up about 15-20 hours of your time per month, including phone conversations.

The money’s great. Expect to earn at least 30% more next year than you earned last year.

About You

You’ve probably got at least 5 years experience and have developed at least one vertical market that you specialise in.

You mostly recruit for permanent positions.

You invoice at least £150K per year.

Your IQ is higher than your waist measurement.

More to the point, you’re starting to get annoyed at clients that don’t call you back, HR people directing you towards their PSL and that constant nagging ‘new business’ thing that won’t ever go away.

So if you’re interested in getting off that particular roundabout and want to learn how to fill 95% of the jobs you work on (rather than 20%) then contact me.

Everyone will receive a response. Even the time wasters.

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