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Delivery Consultant - Midlands

Posted by Mitch on 20th February 2019


Delivery Consultant – Data Science Talent – Midlands (partly home-based) – £30-40K base plus commission

A lot of recruitment agencies are borne of recruiters who think they can do better themselves.

But ‘better’ doesn’t always mean different. In a lot of cases, it doesn’t even mean better. They mostly just do what their bosses taught them.

They never really developed themselves. So how can they develop you? If you can’t develop, how can you better at your chosen profession? And dare we say it, make more money?

At DST, you’ll get an annual budget of £3,000 to spend on whatever training you want. Well, training related to recruitment, or business or the Data Science industry. They’re not going to pay you to go on a Reiki Healing retreat at a large country house in Buckinghamshire. Having said that, they do offer free meditation training – but that’s because they know it improves business performance.

But, think about it.

Three grand.

That’s a lot of money on personal and professional development. It probably smashes the per capita training budget for every agency in the country.

And it’s not wasted on stuff you don’t want or need. It could be learning interviewing skills, copywriting, email marketing, search techniques…

You’ll be encouraged to develop your own way and to choose the kind of recruiter you want to be.

The sector you’ll be working in is Data Science, which, by the way, is booming.

Besides the pride you’ll get becoming a better recruiter, you’ll also place more candidates. That’s partly because your job will be to focus exclusively on candidates – meaning you’ll pick those that you believe are the best from the research that will be done for you.

Beyond the job itself, you’ll be looked after and there’s very flexible working.

If you’re in IT recruitment and worried that you might be stagnating, say so.

Get in touch for an informal chat.

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