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This blog is a work in progress.

In it I plan to highlight phrases taken from recruiter profiles on LinkedIn and/or agency websites and offer them up for critical scrutiny. I will, where possible, also offer a more realistic translation of that phrase. Feel free to add some of your own.

OK, let’s get started.

“I devise various candidate/client attraction strategies by employing state of the art recruitment methods”

Translation: I post jobs on the…

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Looking for a safe stance on the use of exclamation marks in recruitment advertising?  Me neither.


The exclamation mark is known informally as ‘a bang’ or ‘a shriek’.

It’s frequently used in fiction and then mostly to express strong feeling in spoken dialogue.

There are broadly 3 types of people who use exclamations marks when writing:

1. Amateurs
2. Children
3. Fashion Journalists

Clients don’t want their recruitment agencies to be any of these things – which makes the fact that some consistently use exclamation marks in their job postings…

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Why Recruitment Agencies Need To Become Pigs

Bear with me on this one.

It must be searingly obvious to anyone who works in recruitment that recruitment agencies are receiving a lot of flak at the moment – most of it around their oafish sales tactics and their diminishing ability to deliver a viable recruitment service to either the company or the candidate.

So, how did we get here?

With the advent of the Internet came a lot of predictions that it would spell the end of recruitment agencies. That…

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