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Bridging the Sales and HR gap


Recruitment is, at its most critical end, a function of sales and performs best under a well-defined brand and when underpinned by a decent marketing strategy.

This is an ethic that is largely embraced in the better recruitment agencies (and in many cases is taken way too far) yet isn’t in the corporate sector. In most companies there is little or no interaction between the Sales & Marketing function and the HR/Recruitment function.

I’ve heard a lot of…

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Recruiter Psychosis

Interesting piece of self-imagery here.

I don’t think recruiters are generally hated. I think ‘not respected’ would be closer to what most people feel.

There are many reasons recruiters are not respected and most of them are related to the fact that around 80% of them aren’t very good their jobs and know next to nothing about recruitment. A lot of them are just administrators on steroids.

What I personally dislike most about a lot of recruiters is that…

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Interest and timely advice for job-seekers from Richard Alberg at his blog site here.

Whilst I totally agree with the sentiment, I wonder how much effort is actually expended by recruitment consultants, HR people and hiring managers in reading CVs …and I mean really reading, as opposed to scanning for keywords that appeared on the job spec.

I read a lot of advice for job-seekers intended to improve the way they present themselves to prospective employers, but…

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